LinkGreen Connect™ is a full service platform for businesses that conduct commerce traditionally and need to move to a digital solution to strengthen their online business presence and augment their manual ordering process. LinkGreen Connect™ saves businesses in catalog publishing costs, administration costs, IT costs, shipping errors and advertising costs. As a supplier, you can set up your online catalog in hours, instead of weeks.

Accurate & Relevant Search Results

Your customers are connected to you with a familiar interface and easy-to-use search engine. They can quickly find the products they are looking for with their custom pricing, including any discounts, real-time availability, order history and real-time order status, all within a few clicks.

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Place Orders With ActivCatalog™

With ActivCatalog™, your buyers see a clickable, virtual view of your existing print catalogue without all of the extra costs associated with the traditional method of printing and mailing catalogues. With instant access to your products and real-time availability, your customers get the best of both worlds. 90% of existing LinkGreen users accesses the ActivCatalog™ as their preferred method to place orders.

Marketing Communication

There are communications surrounding every part of the order process, from outbound marketing with a direct call to action, to sharing notes about your orders with your entire team. Send “specials” to your customers in minutes. Send “Looking Good Lists” with real images of the current state of your green goods so your customers can make an informed choice when they order.

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