Simple Direct Order Management

Your building centre has a lot of moving parts, let’s get those parts moving in the same direction. LinkGreen offers a complete solution to help you manage your vendor direct orders accurately and efficiently.

Special Orders Simplified

Customers are always looking for that special item that will make their home stand out. Your home improvement centre wants to provide your customers with the perfect and unique products for their home and the warehouse only carries standard products, so you have to special order items in. Eliminate the lengthy direct order process from each of your vendors by utilizing LinkGreen as a singular online ordering solution. Gain direct access to all your vendor's entire catalog with pricing on a singular online ordering service, simplifying your ordering process and pleasing your customers.

Accurate and Efficient POS Integration

Eliminate unnecessary manual data entry and administration associated with ordering direct from your vendors. LinkGreen can offer direct POS integration with any POS including OMNI, OGC, and Epicor. Now you’ll have all your vendor’s catalog and pricing right into your POS. Receive real-time data on vendors products and inventory directly from your vendors, allowing you to accurately order form your POS.

Gain Direct Access to the Latest Products

Showcase new products to your customers sooner with LinkGreen connect. With LinkGreen Connect you gain direct access to your vendors and their new product and are able to order them online. Providing your business instant access to new products with no lengthy delays before it is listed in the warehouse.

Transparent Inventory Ordering

Adopting LinkGreen as your direct ordering process increases purchasing visibility at every level, improving operation and vendor relations. POS Integrated online ordering strengthens your buying group, as it offers invaluable insights into purchasing trends, opportunity buys and tools to forecast consumer behavior. Transparently connect directly with each of your vendors resulting in a better relationship management.