Nourish your Nursery’s Growth Potential

As a wholesale nursery you strive to grow the best plants possible, we strive to offer you a better way to sell those plants. Cultivate your business’s potential with efficient online ordering and customer management with LinkGreen.

Informative Online Ordering

Time and accuracy are important to your customers when ordering your products. Online ordering on LinkGreen provides them an efficient way to view your product, current inventory, and their pricing online. Online ordering allows you to properly communicate all the information your customers need to make informed purchasing decisions when they want. LinkGreen provides your nursery with the ability to manage and process orders on a singular online solution specifically designed to meet your business needs.

Accurate Inventory Integration

Integrate your inventory system with your online ordering solution to provide your customers and sales reps with the information they need to manage and process orders efficiently and accurately. LinkGreen offers integration that works with the most advanced production software to basic inventory tracking maintained in excel.

Making a Great Impression Online

Set your wholesale nursery apart with an updated website that properly represents your business to your customers. Link your online ordering and inventory availability directly to your website and offer your customers a convenient and efficient way to view and order your products anywhere anytime.

Connect With Other Growers

Connect and manage your business relationships with other growers with LinkGreen Collaborate. Connect with other growers inventory in real-time so you can meet all your inventory needs. Manage all your business relationship and transactions through a singular convenient online solution that connects with your growers.