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Wholesale Online Ordering

A familiar digital ordering experience to make wholesale buying fast and easy. LinkGreen Connect™ is built for your industry.  

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Order From Your Supplier’s Current Inventory Anytime, Anywhere

Order anytime, anywhere with LinkGreen Connect™ and benefit from a more efficient and effective ordering service. Excel spreadsheets and order forms are a thing of the past.

  • Order seamlessly from your mobile device, tablet or computer
  • Access current inventory in real-time and product updates from your suppliers
  • Full order history and tracking
  • Notifications to your mobile device with order updates

Find New Products & Suppliers

With over 300 suppliers currently using LinkGreen Connect™, sourcing new products is right at your fingertips and with the ability to invite new suppliers, LinkGreen Connect™ will quickly become your personalized online ordering service.

  • Utilize powerful search functions to find products and locate suppliers with current inventory
  • Narrow your product searches by filtering to product type, location or industry
  • View supplier profiles and preview their product catalogs
  • Easily send a request to new suppliers and gain access to their pricing
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Connect to Your Back-Office System

With LinkGreen Integrate™, you can have your suppliers directly connected to your business and take full advantage of more advanced features.

  • No more e-mail or fax – Purchase orders can be created directly in your back-office system
  • No more manual entry – Supplier SKUs, UPCs and pricing are automatically synced
  • Up-to-date supplier product information is pushed to your POS in real-time
  • Easily re-order electronically with past order history and favorites feature

Control Your Supplier Communications

With LinkGreen Connect™, ensuring you don’t lose revenue from order changes and billing inconsistencies is easy.

  • Order notes are recorded and kept with every order
  • Confirmed quantities are reported back to you as soon as the supplier processes your order, and variations are highlighted in the correspondence
  • Shipped quantities are reported to you automatically when your supplier prepares your order, so there are no surprises at the receiving dock
  • Analyse your supplier service quality by reviewing order fulfillment rates by supplier
Download the app for your mobile device.

Download the app for your mobile device.