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Wholesale Online Ordering

Provide your customers with convenient online ordering. LinkGreen Connect™ makes wholesale selling fast and easy.


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Your 24/7 Order Desk

Be there for your customers, even when you can’t be. Your Order Desk is always open and with the following features, you are always kept in the loop.

  • Customers have access to your catalogues and pricing in real-time.
  • Automated communications to your customers.
  • Real-time notifications to you.
  • "Scheduled" Special Pricing functionality.

An Online Ordering Solution That Fits Your Business

We mean it when we say this is your online ordering solution. With almost limitless ways of configuring your product catalogues and tailoring your pricing to each customer, you have complete control.

  • Upload and manage your inventory easily
  • Customers have multiple views to see the products they want
  • ActivCatalog creates an interactive catalogue from your traditional print book that your customers can order directly from
  • Create customer groups and custom pricing levels including discounts and specials

Connect To Your Back-Office System & Website

Integrating your back-office system with LinkGreen Connect™ gives you complete control over every aspect of the order process from a system that you are already familiar with.

  • Orders are automatically received by your ERP system
  • All your catalogue information is presented to your customers in real-time
  • Special pricing synced to each individual customer
  • Order status are automatically sent to your customers

Grow Your Customer Base

With over 3,100 purchasers in LinkGreen Connect™, you already have a pool of current customers to reach out to and add new customers, whether you’re at their office or on a trade show floor.

  • Powerful search engine with robust filtering.
  • "Quick Add" feature for adding customers on-the-fly.
  • Send e-mail communications, like “Featured Products” promotions, tied directly to your products.
  • Sales Rep features allow your staff to create quotes and place orders on behalf of your customers, on-site or on-the-road.
Download the app for your mobile device.

Download the app for your mobile device.