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E-Commerce Integration

 Setup and manage your online store with ease. LinkGreen Extend makes the process simple and automated.

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Now is the time to sell online

Stay one step ahead of your competitors by offering convenient online ordering to all of your retail customers. LinkGreen Extend™ works with you to facilitate and manage online orders, to grow your retail business.

API Integration with any online store

LinkGreen Extend™ integrates with your current online store providers, like Amazon and Shopify, linking all your vendors catalog data directly into your online store. Manage all your orders on a singular system and simplify your business process.

Facilitate contractor mobile orders

LinkGreen Extend™ enables you to provide your contractors and customers with mobile ordering through an app. Now you can better meet the needs of all your customers with one system.

Drop ship customer orders

Work with your vendors to ship orders directly online to your customers, allowing you to cut out unnecessary shipping costs. Customer drop shipping is now possible with LinkGreen Extend™.

Download the app for your mobile device.

Download the app for your mobile device.