Showcase your Products Online

Your beautiful products speak for themselves, so show them off to wholesale customers all year round. Showcase and sell your product directly to your customers all year long through a convenient online order service. Provide your customers with services that rival the quality of your products through LinkGreen.

Sell Product All Year

Don’t limit your sales to trade shows, provide your customers with convenient ordering all year. Online ordering offers your customers direct access to your catalog with their pricing anytime, anywhere. Provide them with the ability to order between tradeshows. It can be difficult to capture the attention of new relevant customers for wholesale businesses. LinkGreen offers you access to thousands of wholesale customers, providing your business greater opportunity to grow.

Process Orders Efficiently at Trade Shows

Trade shows are busy, you need to process as many offers as possible in a few days. Paper order forms take too long, build your customer’s orders quickly on your smartphone or tablet with the LinkGreen Sales Rep app. Build the order and submit it in minutes, giving your sale reps more time to sell your products and grow your business.

Eliminate Unnecessary Administrative Costs

The administrative cost associated with processing each order doesn’t  really change regardless of the size. So that two hundred dollar order costs you a good percentage of your profit margin. Integrating your internal accounting system and ordering process will eliminate unnecessary administrative costs. LinkGreen’s customizable integration connects directly to your accounting package providing you with a cost-effective order management process.

Stay Ahead of Competitors Online

Never underestimate the importance of your business's online presence. An outdated website gives the impression that you are behind the times. In a fast-moving decor industry, you want to convey that you are ahead of the curve and a large player in the industry to your customers. A modern website directly linked to online ordering will do just that. Showcase and sell your products through a singular solution with LinkGreen Sites.