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Inventory Integration

Connect your inventory systems for a better way to buy and sell. LinkGreen Integrate™ makes it easy online and in person.

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Link your Website and ERP Systems Directly with your Customers

LinkGreen Integrate™ empowers your business to synchronize your internal systems with LinkGreen Connect™. Provide your customers with real-time data on your products and current inventory, while automatically receiving orders directly into your ERP system.

Automate Every Aspect of the Order Lifecycle

From the receipt of an order, you have complete control throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer order. With automated notifications and order status updates in real-time, your customers are always "kept in the loop".

Consolidate your Order Management Processes

Optimize your order management efforts by making updates in one system that propagates any changes across your online ordering and sales rep channels. Define the frequency of all updates with an easy-to-use interface.

Real-time Inventory and Pricing Management

LinkGreen Integrate™ handles all aspects of your inventory and pricing management including current inventory updates, customized pricing levels and sale pricing, all in real-time.

Download the app for your mobile device.

Download the app for your mobile device.