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POS Integration

Connect your POS system to your supplier catalogs with LinkGreen Sync™ to simplify ordering and offer endless product selection.

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Order Directly from your POS System

Order directly from all of your wholesale suppliers using your POS System. LinkGreen Sync™ fits within your current business process to provide you with all of your supplier catalog data to a system that you are already familiar with.

A Flexible Integration Solution

LinkGreen Sync™ can integrate with any POS system including Omni, Profitmaster, Windward, and OGC. Eliminate tedious data entry by integrating your current POS System with all of your vendors and receive product data in real-time.

Dynamic Order Management

Have complete inventory visibility with LinkGreen Sync™. Access both your company's inventory and your vendor's inventory, simultaneously from your POS system. Automatically receive product specials, order updates and inventory statuses from your vendors.

Informed and Intelligent Purchasing

Receive updated pricing from your vendors instantly. LinkGreen Sync™ pushes commoditized product pricing, like lumber, directly into your POS System. With full-featured, automation capabilities retailers can make intelligent purchasing decisions to achieve the highest gross margin.

Download the app for your mobile device.

Download the app for your mobile device.